Trianco Boilers

Welcome to the website where you can find out all the required information about Trianco Boilers , in the event you are considering to Buy or Repair one.

Trianco, a famous electric boiler company offers a variety of systems for heating water to supply your central heating system. There is a special range of boilers specifically named “Aztec”, referring to a simple and inexpensive system. The aztec system from trianco is the right choice because the system is reliable, efficient and simple to install and will not cost you a fortune in ongoing maintenance.  Typically, low price is associated with low quality, as in the case with some boiler types.  We have tried to highlight the most important advantages and disadvantages of each model in the following paragraphs.

Choosing Trianco

When choosing the model of boiler, you need to take into account the conditions of the home you intending to heat.  You should be aware of the age of the home, type of system setup, number of radiators, amount of insulation in home, type of home, what is the usable area of the home and if the home is an apartment which floor.  If that’s not enough, if a fault occurs in the system you will need to troubleshoot, fault find and most likely replace parts.

Common problems

Aztec boilers occasionally have trouble with the high limit thermostat where the thermostat may be faulty or out of calibration.  The thermostat may also be found loose and therefore not contacting the heating vessel.  The high limit thermostat is fitted to the boiler by a simple jubilee clip.  Most boilers types will experience trapped air or low water pressure in the system.  This is a common issue that is simple resolved by bleeding the air out of the pipework at the radiators.  Additional water can be provided to the system via a normally closed valve however it is important to ensure that the operating pressure is not exceeded.  Other problems that can be experienced are electrical and PCB control.  Such issues can be difficult to fault find without the help of an qualifiedly electrician engineer.  The Trianco Aztec range have a simple fault display in way of a traffic light LED system that assists users in fault finding and troubleshooting.  The aztec range are easy to maintain and handle, virtually silent, but do from time to time require maintenance like any boiler type.  How to fault find and trouble shoot is described in the troubleshooting page.

Reviews show that for any boiler it is important to routinely check the pressure gauge for the boilers operating pressure.  The optimum operating pressure should be between 1-2 Bar (14.5 – 29psi).  The maximum operating pressure is 3 Bar (43.5 Bar).  A 3 Bar safety relief valve should be fitted to all Aztec central heating systems.


Use this troubleshooting guide when a fault has occurred and displayed on the aztec panel.  There is no need to repair parts as all parts a relatively low cost, avaiable and easily replaceable.   It simply is not worth repairing faulty parts.  With your Trianco Boiler you will get the Owners Manual.  Recall on warranty that comes with the unit at the dealer or shipping company if you need some serious help. Read more and consult on our forum/FAQ.

All in all, for a simple inexpensive boiler, Trianco Aztec is a great choice!